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Join me at the free Huashen Conference November 5-6, 2016, 9am – 4pm!

I personally wear/use several Huashen products and love them! They are a valued part of my holistic self-care practices.

At this conference, experts, scientists and doctors from Europe, Russia and the US will speak about the effectiveness and use of Biophotonic apparel, the “treasure cup” for hydration, and other breakthrough products with natural, safe, yet powerful herbal frequency emissions that “inform” and balance body systems.   Most products will be offered for sale at a 50% discount.

Location: Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport
427 N. 44th St.
Phoenix, AZ  85008

Hope to see you there!



Regenerate with SUNRIDER!
Sunday, October, 23rd, 2016 at 4:00pm

Please join me for a free vegan meal, a Sunrider product experience and social gathering.
Sunrider is a treasured part of my own nutritional nourishment and has greatly improved my
well-being, vitality and happiness factor.
Call or text me at 480.353.0816 to RSVP.  I’d be delighted if you could join in!

Dr. Angella Pinkasova’s Office
7024 E Osborn Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ  85260


Following is a message from Peace Troubadour, James Twyman.
Please join in…I will be!

Synchronized Meditation for Syria and ISIL

Monday, February 1, 2015


Interesting Image

Millions of people will join together

to prove the power of synchronized prayer

 This is a final update so you have everything you need to join us for the meditation. To begin, the time of the vigil is as follows:

7AM Pacific US Time
8AM Arizona US Time
10AM Eastern US Time
3PM London Time
5PM Israel Time
4AM (Tuesday) Auckland Time

James Twyman and the Religious Leaders
Will be within eyesight of the ISIL villages
Thanks to The Abrahamic Reunion here in Israel, James will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders on a hill overlooking the villages where so many Syrians are suffering. They will be putting themselves at risk to inspire YOU to join us for just 10-15 minutes of focused meditation at the time listed above. All you need to do is to FEEL the energy of peace, as if it is already present in Syria (This is the critical component to this type of prayer). Then visualize children in Syria being fed, people living in peace, and the government stable and serving the needs of all its citizens.

 It’s Worth A Try

 Most people believe they are powerless in the face of such violence. This is a simple way millions of people can add their energy to a positive solution for this humanitarian crisis. It has been proven over and over through other studies. Maharishi Effect Now we have the chance to demonstrate the power of our joined meditation and prayer. Please join us at the designated time, and share this with everyone you know.

Free Seminars to Discover the Healing Power of  Biophotonic Clothing!

December 11th and/or 13th, 2015

You are invited to learn how this unique “Bio-Light” clothing can heal and rejuvenate you, your loved ones and clients. You can now gain access to these remarkable solutions being used successfully throughout Russia, China and Europe.

Join us for our free seminars at New Vision Center for Spiritual Living on Friday, December 11, 6-8pm and/or Sunday, December 13, 1-3pm. You can attend one or both sessions. Please RSVP with the name(s) of those attending and date(s)  you will join us.

I’m enjoying the benefits of wearing and using these tools myself and have seen some strikingly positive results of others. See flyer below for more details. I look forward to seeing you there!

Wishing You and Yours a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season and 2016!






























 Call Suzanne at 602.888.3441 to plan your Private/Semi-Private/Small Group Sessions.

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Discover Sunrider Superfoods Today!

Free Class and Samples

Sunday, June 14, 3:00pm








Come learn how simple and easy it it to treat yourself to the delicious, nutrient-dense nourishment your deserve and are hungry for!

  • Feel Great

  • Look Great

  • Experience Mental Clarity

When we give our bodies what they truly require, self-healing and regeneration occurs. For many years I searched for a high-quality approach for my clients and myself that really works. I am so happy to have found Sunrider!

Class Location is a Private Residence
Near Lincoln and 56th St.
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Address Given Upon Registration

This class is FREE. However, Space is Limited.
Burst into Summer with Super-Charged Self-Care!
Contact Suzanne NOW to reserve your spot!


Kevin Costner, “McFarland USA,” & Sunrider Superfoods!

FREE Class & Samples

Sunrider for Athletic Performance

Sunday, March 8th, 3:00 pm


Join me for a FREE class to learn how to use Sunrider to improve your athletic performance and win like coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) and team did!  If you want to excel in your competitive sports or recreational activities, improve your health, or have more energy to play with your kids, Sunrider can help.

The new Disney film, “McFarland USA,” starring Costner, is destined to be one of the most inspiring films of the year. It is based on the true story of high school underdogs who give their all to build a championship cross-country team under the direction of Coach Jim White. I love that in real life White used the same Sunrider Superfoods and drinks that I eat daily, to help “his” team win in sports and life!

Private Residence
Near Lincoln and 56th St.
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Address Given Upon Registration

This class is FREE. However, Space is Limited.
Contact Suzanne NOW to reserve your spot!

CLICK to watch trailer for McFarland, USA


MELT for Athletic Performance & Pain Relief:
The Game-Changing Difference

>Improve Athletic Performance
>Relieve Pain
>Shorten Recovery Time

Two Workshop Series
Saturdays, March 14 and/or 21
4:00pm ~ 5:30pm

Discover this effective, easy-to-learn way to improve your athletic performance in all recreational and competitive activities.  Whether you want to excel in your tennis or golf game, progress in your yoga practice or fitness workout, or feel more ease in playing with your kids…MELT can help you achieve your goals.

Elite Athletes are MELTing! Jamie Anderson, Olympic gold medalist and four-time champion at the X Games for slopestyle snowboarding, credits MELT for helping give her the competitive edge to win.

Learn how MELT can help you perform better, reverse pain from common hand, foot and joint sports injuries, and shorten your recovery time. Many people find they are less sore and bounce back more quickly after vigorous activities, when MELTing regularly.

Your Spring Training Edge: MELT.

La Camarilla Racquet, Fitness & Swim Club
5320 E Shea Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Save with Early Bird Pricing  – ends March 7th
Both Saturdays, March 14 & 21: $70

Saturday, March 14 only – $40

Saturday, March 21 only – $40

 or Call Suzanne to Register by Phone or with any Questions at 602.888.3441.

CLICK LINK Below to Read Flyer


If you are unable get up and down from the floor unassisted or you have significant pain and mobility challenges, call Suzanne at 602.888.3441.
Please arrive 15 minutes early
Bring 32 oz of drinking water
Bring Your Own MELT Tools and Yoga Mat  if You Have Them , or They Will be Provided for Workshop Use.
Wear comfortable clothes (not too baggy)

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