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Corporate Wellness

Successful Corporate Team

        Build an Exceptional Team with a Vibrant Future…

By creating a supportive cultural environment where healthier lifestyles are a continuing way of life.

Offer your employees innovative Lifestyle Management programs that relieve stress and improve well-being. Your return on investment (ROI) will include improved work-related outcomes such as productivity, retention and absenteeism that directly affect business performance. In addition, containment of healthcare costs and a healthier, happier, more motivated workforce will be realized.

Programs Include:

MELT Method

Relax & Synergize at Work


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Program delivery options include: in person, teleseminars and virtual education.

About Suzanne

My experience as a Holistic Wellness, Stress Relief and Yoga Leader, along with my extensive corporate business background, provides me the foundation to create realistic approaches to programming that get results. My 5 years as a Relationship Banker at a major bank, and 6 years as a Marketing Consultant and Executive Assistant at Citigroup in Manhattan (NY, NY) have helped me feel and understand the pressure of finding solutions to the crisis of the day. From mergers and reorganizations, to learning new systems, launching start-ups, and being a business owner myself, I appreciate the demands and requirements of a corporate environment.

For over 20 years in New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA and Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, I have been guiding In-Person, Telephonic and Online sessions, classes, series and workshops for individuals and groups in Yoga, MELT Method, Meditation, Relax & Synergize, Holistic Wellness, Mind/Body Fitness, Dance, Acting and more.

My activities, skills and delivery of services include:

  •    Creating a supportive environment, treating clients with compassion, courtesy and respect.
  •    Interviewing and encouraging active participation of clients in discovering, setting and achieving goals.
  •    Adapting methods to accommodate the unique physical, cultural, life stage-specific needs of each clientele.
  •   Utilizing insight in interacting with individuals at varying levels of skill, education and experience.
  •   Committing to continuing professional/personal development, open to new and innovative ideas and approaches.
  •   Conducting marketing: creating and/or overseeing design, production and distribution of communications.