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Relax & Synergize™

Relax & Synergize™ Workshops & Private Sessions

Please join us in a fun, supportive environment, as we…

• Relax using simple, powerful ways that rekindle our vibrant aliveness
• Connect with our inner wisdom
• Lighten up, allowing our old, heavy coat of limits and blockages to fall away
• Reveal your unique magnificence
• Learn to integrate these tools into our daily lives


This empowering, guided journey helps you break out of your daily grind and move gently into your deeper, wiser self. A more “Synergized” you emerges, opening the door to live from a more authentic, joyful place.  We draw on a treasure trove of effective tools and resources including guided visualization, MELT Method (link to my MELT page), grounding, relaxation, gentle stretching and movement, deep listening, breathing, meditation, personal coaching, laughing, music, healing sounds, writing, intuition and creativity

Relax & Synergize™ at Work

Some of our most valuable work involves stepping directly into a corporate environment and quickly providing an atmosphere of peace and sanity.  We draw upon our deep tool box of modalities (listed above), tailoring our approach to your business and your staff.  Workshops may last a full or half day or be provided in a series of shorter sessions.  Giving the gift of this workshop to your employees will improve attitudes and productivity!

Relax & Synergize™ Parties

Relax and Synergize Parties provide all the wonderful benefits of the Relax and Synergize Workshops, and also tend to create bonding among participants.  They are ideal for birthday events, groups of gal-pals, bridal showers, and as gifts for people who just want to feel better.  We also love working with couples before or after a stressful wedding, restoring the peace and joy of a loving connection.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect venue and tailor your party event to your goals and the needs of your group. Let’s collaborate to make a powerful, loving memory!

Evolution of Relax & Synergize™ 

For numerous years, one of my highest priorities has been my path of personal development.  This quest has led me to discovering, creating and utilizing numerous transformational and healing modalities.  I delight in sharing the sumptuous cream of the crop of these with others, as I do in this work. The experience of creative collaboration and synergy makes my heart sing!  Be it in relation to others and/or between aspects of ourselves, this can assist us in continuing to unfold into our greater magnificence and wholeness of who we are…

One definition of Synergy is “the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Contact Suzanne for more information and/or to schedule a private, semi-private or group session at 480.353.0816 or suzanne@oasisstation.com