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Dina_thumb“I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your meditation CD!!! Mike & I listen to it when we go to bed at night and I love having your sweet voice lull me off to sleep. I also use it with highly stressed clients and it works very well to support their relaxation and healing.”

Dina Weiss, Certified Health & Weight Release Coach
Silver Spring, MD



Adam Wright Pic“Suzanne’s guided meditation plucks me right out of any unpleasant and negative thought to re-energize my mind back to a calm state of positive influence. She helps me to clear my mind and make space for what I want in there. As a fitness business professional, much of my day is being physically active and telling others to be too, I often forget the value of mental exercises to complete the other half of who I am. Listening to Suzanne’s meditations allows my yin side to be filled within just a short amount of time.”

Adam Wright, Fitness Professional
    Orange County, CA


Larry “I have experienced the future of Meditation and her name is Suzanne Brier.”  In a word: “masterpiece.” Suzanne combines a perfect mix of guided imagery, expert cueing and mood enhancing music that creates the ultimate meditative experience. Suzanne’s incredibly soothing and healing voice is a true gift to us all. The Time for YOU is NOW!””

Lawrence Indiviglia, Author, “INDsights for Life”
Exec. Dir., Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute

San Diego, CA


“As a long-time insomnia “sufferer,” I’ve tried many things to help me relax. I don’t have any trouble falling asleep, but I wake up frequently and sometimes I’m awake for hours. When I listen to Time for You meditation CD, I seem to fall into a deeper sleep and sleep hours longer without waking up. I awake more rested and energetic.”

Nancy Sanders, Regional Center Director, Small Business Development Center
Phoenix, AZ



I eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed each Stress Relief Yoga class you offered for Chase Cardmember Services employees.   Thank you for encouraging us to work at our own individual levels and for the personalized attention you often gave.  Anyone who would like to experience a sense of relaxation, refreshment and renewal would be lucky to participate in Yoga or other sessions led by you.”

Virginia Todd, Supervisor
Phoenix, AZ


“Your “Relax & Synergize” workshop was extremely relaxing and enjoyable.  I felt refreshed and peaceful after our session and returned to my workday with a much more positive frame of mind. I hope you will be back to offer more classes at our firm!”

Jeffrey L., Attorney
New York, NY



“Thank you for your empowering and relaxing session! In using the tools I learned from you, I feel more grounded and able to make confident decisions easily.”

Francine T., Paralegal
New York, NY




Chantal Pascale“Suzanne, I’m so grateful that you came into my life to help me when I really needed it.  When I was extremely ill with pneumonia, I immersed myself in the memory of the calming mood and words from your classes and it helped me to relax into healing.  Thank you for giving me strength to accelerate my recovery.”

Chantal Pasqual
Annapolis, MD



“I’ve never had a teacher with such a range of experience as you; nor ever one who offers techniques and insights with such clarity and wisdom.  Your classes are times of peace, sanity and self-renewal for me.  I learn much from you that I continue to apply to my daily life with extremely positive results.”

Jill Richards-Young, University Writing Teacher
Tempe, AZ



“You have the wisdom and ability to assist me in bringing out answers that have been within me all along.   Now I can claim the “new me” and make choices from that sense of freedom.  What a profoundly enjoyable and empowering experience!”

Roann Monson
Tempe, AZ



“Taking private yoga instruction with you was the best thing I could do for myself!  Our sessions make me feel better, stronger and more comfortable in my own skin.  Whether it be learning the art of relaxing and grounding within myself, losing 5 lbs, or learning about aromatherapy- Suzanne, you are the avenue to walk down!!

Courtney Daly, Events Services
New York, NY


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????“Suzanne, your ability to not just teach, but to inspire your students is world class.  I have studied Yoga from many instructors in many parts of the world and I can state without equivocation that you are the most caring and professional Yoga Instructor I have had the privilege to meet.  With a 7th degree black belt in Ki Aikido and as one of 12 Chief Instructors in the United States for the Ki Society International, I have background in assessing teaching ability and know talent when I experience it.  Thank you for sharing your outstanding gifts with my students and me.”

    Kirk Fowler, Chief Ki Aikido Instructor
    Scottsdale, AZ


“Suzanne, thank you for all the ways our work together is improving my well-being and peace of mind.  While I still do vigorous cardio and weight training, our sessions help take out the kinks, so I don’t get soreness or cramping like I used to.  I breathe more fully now which helps me feel more grounded, relaxed and present in the moment.”
Nate Waltzer, Investor
Phoenix, AZ




“Before my MELT session I was suffering from nerve pain in my had due to a scorpion sting. Immediately after the MELT treatment, my nerve pain disappeared and has not returned. Overall my hands and feet feel more loose and relaxed. My back feels great too, with less tension and tightness. I feel more balanced and steady in my entire body. MELT is magic!

Lisa Marie Jones, Rapid Flow Fire Protection, Owner
Mesa, AZ



Steve Finkelstein with Funk 2-19-13e“Each of my wrists has been fractured at least once…and I play hand drums!  I experience discomfort on and off; the day I first tried MELT they were definitely bothering me.  I must admit it was simple and easy to do.  And when I was done…I was surprised how much better they felt!  I experienced the benefit of MELTING and plan to continue.”

Steve Finkelstein, Science Teacher & Percussionist
Westbury, NY



Nkisi Robinson“I had numerous injuries from a serious accident as well as persistent foot pain from plantar fasciitis. After a few MELT sessions with Suzanne, the range of motion in my injured arm has improved and I experience less arm and foot pain.  I feel a noticeable difference before and after MELTing, moving from stiffness and soreness to greater comfort and fluidity. I can now enjoy hiking again!

I highly recommend Suzanne’s brilliant approach to the surprisingly simple, gentle, and effective tool of MELT.”

Nkisi Robinson, Yoga Teacher
Tempe, AZ



Dave Nowak“Compassionate, soothing, caring, intuitive.  Suzanne’s sessions are wonderfully done.  I always have an amazing sense of calm come over me when having sessions with Suzanne.  She has a true gift.  I feel fortunate to have someone to go to with Suzanne’s gifts.”

Dave Nowak, Industrial Engineer
Beloit, Wisconsin


yolanda resized“As I live in Australia, Suzanne has transcended time and space with profound, powerful, yet gentle sessions via phone or Skype. She assists me in transforming limiting beliefs and emotions that have been holding me back, into new positive ones that propel me in creating the life I truly desire.
Suzanne achieves all of this with such a level of compassion, warmth and commitment. Even though there are LifeLine practitioners here in Australia, I go to  her for my sessions as I know they will be awesome.”

Yolanda Darbyshire, Lifeline Practitioner
Sydney, Australia


“After my second amazing LifeLine session with Suzanne, I had five new clients join my practice in one week, which hasn’t happened in years! I am continuing to effortlessly reap the benefits of the inflow of extraordinary abundance as a result of the unique, deeply healing work Suzanne is sharing with me.”

R.J., Chiropractor
Phoenix, AZ